Final Preps for 1st Full Marathon

Next Saturday on November 7, I will undertake my greatest challenge yet, a full 26.2 mile marathon. Ok, when I word it like that I become even more nervous!

Why am I nervous? Well let’s just say training did not go as planned. Unfortunately I spent some time under medical restricted guidelines this summer that left my running to around 10 miles total between August and mid October. Last Saturday I managed to run the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon in Louisville. Although this was not my greatest performance, I did not feel fabulous through most of it and finished about 17 minutes slower than my PR in the half distance. I felt strong by the finish and knew that it was my training and strength conditioning prior to my surgery that allowed for me to push through a half with no training and feel good.

Now, about that full. I completely understand the full and half are two very different beasts. I think this is why I am so nervous. I have been planning this race for a year and signed up on New Years Day at an incredible $65 discount price. My cousin is running this same race as his first full, I was finally gaining on his times when all of this fell apart.

So, here is my strategy. Finish. The cutoff is 6:30:00, or a 15 minute mile pace. I plan on using almost all of that.

I’ll keep you posted…

Catch Up

Back in July I had an injury on my neck that resulted in stitches. The cut was deep so I had to let my neck muscles heal which cut my running instantaneously. I logged less than 10 miles in that month and they were slow, painful miles. Although tonight’s 5k involved walking and hurt when breathing, I was very happy with a sub 28 minute 5k. 

I have right at 9 weeks until my first marathon, which is worrisome for me. I have reevaluated my goal of 4:17:00 to 4:45:00 in light of unplanned training cut. I’m pushing through and want to cross that finish line so bad. 

Hectic Life

My apologies for not writing more. The end of summer has been full of work and play. We took a family vacation before school started and trying to stay afloat is often at the loss of other things. I have some exciting things coming this week so stay tuned. 

Oh, don’t forget #BibChat on Tuesday night at 9PM ET. 

Cracking the Running Code

“Cracking the Running Code”

This week’s #BibChat was sponsored by Mizuno Running USA and the topic was “Cracking the Running Code”.  During #BibChat, questions were posed that were designed to determine why you run. It was amazing to the not only the wide variety of responses, but also those who were similar. #BibChat was very active last night and had a lot of new “faces”,  which is crazy exciting. One of the best parts was watching @JenKirk72 win a pair of Mizuno Enigma 5 shoes ($149.99 value) in only her second #BibChat. Two others were lucky enough to win Enigma 5s and seemed equally enthusiastic. If that is not reason enough to participate in #BibChat, I’m not sure what is.

Mizuno Enigma5

“Taking Risks”

This past week’s #bibchat was sponsored by Justin’s and focused on “Taking Risks”. As a runner, it seems risks are not only inevitable but a requirement. It is risking to lace up your shoes and run down the road. It is equally risky to put your body through the rigors of training for and running a marathon. Different people take risks differently, some prepare meticulously and lower the risks, while others go out full steam ahead and seem to remember how risky it was when it is to late (insert finger pointing to myself!). Over the past two years I have learned a great deal about running, stretching, cross-training, and resting. Once day I may even figure out the risks side of it too, but until then, each day is a new risk. I am ok with that, without risk, nothing can be earned. Where would we be as a nation if no one risked anything? The Fore Fathers would not have challenged to King to declare independence, the assembly line would not have revolutionized the industrial process, and runners would be lazy and fat. 

What are some risk you take as a runner? 


Happy 4th

Im not going to write anything long or revolutionary here. Simply wanted to say that I am thankful to live in America and for all of the military who risk their lives afar along with the first responders who risks theirs at home. Happy Birthday America.  



I was challenged to compete in the Runner’s World Run Streak from Memorial Day through July 4th. My goal was to run at least 1 mile each day through the entire run streak. Unfortunately I made it 12 days before my body was past the point of exhaustion from overtraining. In the 12 days I ran 26.5 miles, which is about what I run in a month. I took the day off and ran Day 13 today. Although this wasn’t in one streak, I’m going to continue to run as much as possible between now and July 4.


Have you ever run a Run Streak? How many days did you make it and how far?

To aid in the run streak, Runner’s World posted a FAQ to help runner’s be successful. Some times included

  • Be running on a regular basis for at least six months.
  • Keep the intensity and volume light on rest days.
  • Running only, no cross training counts.
  • Don’t run if your injured.
  • Tag #RWRunStreak on Twitter

Another forum for advice offered seven tips from veteran streakers.

  • Do most runs at a comfortable pace.
  • Anticipate tough days that make it tough to run
  • Recruit other runners
  • Remember to recover
  • Listen to your body
  • Be patient
  • Remember to do the laundry, lol.

With all of this said, it is important to listen to your body. Have you thought about doing a run streak? It is not to late to start.

2015 Ky Derby Festival miniMarathon

2015 KDF mini/Marathon Starting Line

2015 KDF mini/Marathon Starting Line

The 2015 Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF) miniMarathon was my second KDF and fifth half-marathon distance race. This race was my first as a @BibRave #bibravepro, although the entry fees were paid 100% in full by me. 

On the first Saturday in May, Louisville, Kentucky hosts the Kentucky Derby. The Derby is commonly referred to as the “fastest two minutes in sports”. If you love Thoroughbred racing, the Derby is something that should be on your bucket list. If you love racing and horses, the KDF mini/Marathon is definitely for you. The two to three weeks leading up to the Kentucky Derby is a huge party that encompasses Louisville, the Kentucky Derby Festival. Throughout the KDF, events such as Thunder Over Louisville (North America’s largest fireworks show), Great Steamboat Race, Fest-A-Ville, and of course the KDF mini/Marathon.

2015 Louisville Triple Crown of Running

Well, it is that time of the year. The 2015 Louisville Triple Crown of Running (LTCOR) has kicked off. On March 7, nearly 7,000 runners took to the streets of Downtown Louisville to embark on a 5K journey with the @Anthem5k. Each year, the  LTCOR starts a march towards the Kentucky Derby Festival. The journey is comprised of the Anthem 5K, Rhodes City 10K, and the Papa John’s 10 Miler. This is my second entry into the Triple Crown and hoping to be full of improvements from last year. The best thing about the Triple Crown is the fundraising it does for the WHAS11 Crusade for Children, a 65 year old Louisville charity that benefits children with needs. Check out for more information.

LTCOR 2015