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Hi, I’m Josh, a 20 30 something who is new to a life of fitness. This was originally a log of my journey to become an Ironman but has changed to a way to detail how an out of shape guy can change his lifestyle to become fit.

I work in public safety in Louisville, Kentucky where I spend my time away from work in IT/media and training for a fit life. After weighing in at over 210 pounds in February 2013, I realized it was time to make a change. I was able to weigh in at 185 pounds by March 15 thanks to a lot of hard work and a much healthier diet.

As I began to run more and more I actually fell in love with it. I now run more for enjoyment than just to run which makes this a challenge that I would like to complete by 2015. As I have ran more and more, I have learned that runners are the kindest group out there. They welcome newbies with open arms and are always more than accommodating. The challenge, competition, and camaraderie is like nothing I have experienced elsewhere.

You can visit me on Twitter @JoshGoRun

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