“Taking Risks”

This past week’s #bibchat was sponsored by Justin’s and focused on “Taking Risks”. As a runner, it seems risks are not only inevitable but a requirement. It is risking to lace up your shoes and run down the road. It is equally risky to put your body through the rigors of training for and running a marathon. Different people take risks differently, some prepare meticulously and lower the risks, while others go out full steam ahead and seem to remember how risky it was when it is to late (insert finger pointing to myself!). Over the past two years I have learned a great deal about running, stretching, cross-training, and resting. Once day I may even figure out the risks side of it too, but until then, each day is a new risk. I am ok with that, without risk, nothing can be earned. Where would we be as a nation if no one risked anything? The Fore Fathers would not have challenged to King to declare independence, the assembly line would not have revolutionized the industrial process, and runners would be lazy and fat. 

What are some risk you take as a runner? 


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