Traveling and Running

This week’s #bibchat was about “Traveling and Running”. A topic that was full of great content and advice from runners. I have never traveled to run, matter of fact, I haven’t taken a true trip since I began running in October 2013. I am set to travel to Indianapolis for the 2015 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in November and am very psyched about it. A trip to Indy isn’t really a trip, but it isn’t just down the road like all my previous races. I enjoyed the discussion this week, some of my favorite questions were

Q1: What makes you want to travel for a race? Scenery? SWAG? Is the race just an excuse to go somewhere cool?

A1: YES! I love races, I love the scenery, I will never turn down swag, and who doesn’t love to go someplace cool? #bibchat

Q4: What are your top three destination races to run? Tag ‘em if you can!


Of course there are many other great races out there on my list, including becoming a 50 Stater!

So why do you travel for race? What are your top 3 destination races?

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