The Best of the Best

The theme of tonight’s #BibChat is “The Best of the Best”. I really liked that topic and decided to write a little about it. What does the best of the best mean? Well, that depends…

Being the Best of the best means being the best of your best

If you’re like me, you probably like having high quality things, but being the best doesn’t always equate to being of quality. If I finish a race last, I am technically the best loser. When I started running, I thought it was a competition with the other runners. What I didn’t realize until my first race was over, the biggest competition was me vs me.

No, I’m not talking about everyone being the winner and honorable mentions, I mean that the purpose of running for me, was quite simply to make a better me. A person more focused on being healthy, fit, and strong. After running that first half, I gave up caring what my times were in relations to others, I am not Meb or Galen Rupp, I am a 2:03:11 half marathoner and a 5:08:22 marathoner. I will not run a time to qualify for the Olympic trials and honestly, I doubt I will actually qualify for Boston. BUT, that is where I push myself to compete against my previous times and my own mind.

Running is meant to be more than just exercise, it is a release. Remember that the entire objective is to be “The Best of YOUR best”.

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