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Mizuno Enigma 5
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Mizuno Running – Surprise

Initial Thoughts:
When I came home to find the box on the porch I was super excited. I had not had an opportunity to do a wear/run test in a product before so I was very eager to give Mizuno’s Enigma 5‘s a chance. Prior to this opportunity, I had never worn a Mizuno shoe as I have long been a fan of other brands. One caveat I would like to issue, shoes are unique to each person. I use to believe there was a perfect shoe for everyone, however I have learned that shoe manufactures change models from year to year. Additionally, runners change as they become stronger in some areas. As a runner of only two years, I required a high support shoe for my first season. I noticed my running was lacking and switched shoes mid-season to a neutral style and quickly saw PR’s in every category. This Mizuno Engima 5 maximizes cushioning while maintaining a neutral shoe.

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Mizuno Running Announcement

Technical Specs:
Mizuno markets the Enigma as a “High Mileage Shoe for High Mileage Runners”. I have only been running in these for 10 days, but so far they seem to have enough cushioning to last. The 10.9 oz shoe maximizes comfort by incorporating  midsole cushioning and sock liner while also providing maximum shock attenuation to help run more efficiently. The technology that goes into this maximum comfort is provided by u4icX and u4ic, the midsole foam that is responsible for the perfect amount of cushioning.

Mizuno Technology found in the Enigma:

  • Mizuno Wave
  • u4ic
  • Dynamotion Fit
  • Smoothride
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Mizuno Enigma 5 Debut

About me:
I am a “new” runner. I began running in October 2013 and have since completed 5 half marathons. I am currently training for my first two full marathons, one in November, the other in January. I am a mid-pack runner that averages an 8:00 minute mile for distances up to 10K and 8:30 for 10Mi and 13.1. Over the last few months I have transitioned from supportive running shoes to neutral and have improved since. My last half marathon in April was ran in 2:03:04 and my goal is to run a sub 2 hour half in October. I run 7-10 miles per week and often have to squeeze those runs into a very hectic schedule.

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Mizuno Enigma 5 Front

My Runs:
I had five test runs over 10 days that only totalled 9 miles. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate fully with me. I do feel that I was able to effectively test the shoe and begin the break-in period.

  • Run 1 – 1 mile (First run in 12 days). 7:33 mile in 7:33 (Avg HR – 163).
  • Run 2 – 1 mile (Treadmill). 7:09 mile  in 7:09 (Avg HR 155).
  • Run 3 – 3.1 miles –  8:02 mile in 24:56 (Avg HR 174).
  • Run 4 – 0.5 miles (Severe Thunderstorm). 7:44 mile in 3:54 (Avg HR149).
  • Run 5 – 3.1 miles – 8:22 mile in 25:56 (Avg HR 170).
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Mizuno Enigma 5 – Rear

The only con I will list is the noise. These shoes seem to be noisy both when walking and running. I would compare the noise level when walking to that of a dress shoe or high heel shoe. These were bad enough that my co-workers banned me from wearing them at work. When I ran outside, I had to put earbuds in and listen to music. One thing I did notice is they seemed to be quieter as the shoe began to break in, but I can’t say if that is true or if I became use to the noise level.

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Mizuno Running Hitting the Pavement


Other than the noise level, I have fallen in love with these shoes. My runs seemed stronger, form better, foot comfort better. Yes I know it is hard to say all of that from a pair of shoes, but I felt it. I felt myself running upright, legs strong that I have felt in other shoes, but rarely. This was my first attempt at Mizunos and will not be my last.

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Mizuno Enigma 5 Wear Test

Final Thoughts:
For the price of only $149.99, the Enigma 5 seems to be a steal. My experience has been that good quality running shoes are between $129 and 169. With Mizuno falling in middle of that range shows me that the shoe is quality, yet affordable. The colors offered are nice in my opinion. I have longed for a “bright” shoe that wasn’t neon colored. All of my running shoes were far to boring until my Enigma 5’s joined my collection.

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Bottom of Mizuno Enigma 5

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Mizuno Enigma 5 Wear Test at Sunset

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