Running While Traveling

Tonight’s #bibchat was sponsored by @MobotNation and was all about “Running on the Go!” The chat was very good and revolved around ways to make traveling easier while still being able to work a run into your agenda. Many great tips were shared between members of the #bibchat community, including taking water, GPS based safety apps such as @RoadID’s new app, reaching out to local running stores, and of course, using the running community within #bibchat for advice on strange areas.


The folks at @MobotNation have invented a wonderful device that is multipurpose, the Mobot is a drinking bottle and foam roller all in one. Hey, it could probably serve as a method of self defense when in a pickle. The Mobot was tested by several BibRavePros (I was not selected, nor have I used one) and seemed to have favorable reviews. To read some of those reviews check out some fellow Pros’ reviews at:

I am planning two big runs in the next year that require travel. I need your advice. What are some excellent tips for traveling to run races?

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6 thoughts on “Running While Traveling

  1. Thanks for sharing my review! A small foam roller is always a good thing to travel with for a race, I personally thought the 40oz MOBOT was a little bulky for travel (especially if you’re trying to pack in a carry-on), but I bet the smaller 18oz one would be great!

    I also love that hotels have ice machines for any post-race ice or ice bath needs!