Review: Fitbit Force

In February my wife purchased a Fitbit Force for my birthday present. I immediately liked the functions of the watch and the automatic syncing it did with my Humana Vitality insurance rewards program.

Overall, the Fitbit Force worked as intended. My daily steps were tracked and it encouraged me to be more “active”.

My complaint. The Force is not rugged enough. After only six months it was falling apart, the back was crumbling apart and the “seal” around the display was lose and exposed.

Overall – 3 stars. Room for improvement. Not with $100.

New Years 2014: Day 1

Happy New Year! It’s 2014 and I cannot believe how fast 2013 went. I am proud of 2013 and sad to see it go but I am also looking forward to the opportunities and goals that 2014 will present. My first triathlon is less than a month away along with the packed winter and spring of the Shelbyville Triathlon Series, Louisville Triple Crown of Running, Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon, and the Derby Festivals’s Inaugural Tour de Lou, a 35 mile bike ride through the home city of the world famous Kentucky Derby.


2013 brought more miles my way than any other in my life, but that was cut drastically short after a debilitating knee injury in November that reduced my mileage to near zero from Nov 10 through the end of the year. The worst part was the lost opportunity to be coached by Scott Fishman due to the injury, one that has me bummed still to this day.

So 2014 has a lot of big plans and goals, first Tri, first race series, my 3rd half marathon and the plan for my first half Ironman in Muncie, IN in June. Here’s to 2014 and the memories she will bring. I hope everyone exceeds their goals and makes the best of 2014. I look forward to reading and interacting with each of you this year.



Wow, another Thanksgiving in the books. Every year the speed increases. As for me, I dreaded this year due to lack of recoup available due to my knee. I ate lunch and dinner but took it easy overall. Hate to admit it but I’m +2 pounds today over yesterday morning.

Now on to burn off some calories… Somehow. Maybe bike trainer if knee feels ok